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  • Rise of Tomb Raider y Phil Spencer 20 Aug 2014 | 7:30 am

    Es posible que la exclusividad temporal favorezca el desarrollo de Rise of Tomb Raider. Microsoft podrá mimarlo y al final nos acabará llegando a todos. Además, la competencia con Uncharted le hará mejor, y Lara a este

  • ¿Los usuarios de Nintendo no aceptan la madurez? 19 Aug 2014 | 3:40 pm

    El CEO de Ubisoft ha hablado sobre las escasas ventas de sus títulos en la Wii U y ha declarado que los usuarios de esa consola no compran juegos maduros ¿por qué es esto así?

  • Guacamelee Super Turbo llegará a Steam en dos días 19 Aug 2014 | 11:07 am

    Guacamelee Turbo acabará llegando a Steam.

  • #WebsiteWednesday 13 Aug 2014 | 7:16 pm .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ

    How many times do you have to repeat something before you can say youre on a roll? With so many creative sites ending in .xyz, were back with another episode of .xyz Websites in the Wild. On another Wednesday. Do I sense a theme here? Were definitely on a roll.

    The entire XYZ Team was excited to find this little gem of a website:


    This handy-dandy site is a free URL shortening tool that not only does the obvious, but it instantaneously generates a QR code. It also gives you cool options like setting an expiration date, view click statistics (privately or publicly), or even customizing your shortened URL for a personalized touch.

    Look how long that URL is! Plug it into and BAM:


    And good news for all our #GenXYZ developer friends out there – offers its powerful API for free.

    Test drive this amazing tool (no sign-in required) and share the knowledge (with a tweet)!

    Another .xyz user is flexing his developer muscles with:

    chs eliminates the hassle of downloading apps or lugging around your chess set (yes, Im sure someone out there does). Its a free multiplayer chess game that you can play straight from your browser!

    Make sure to follow @chsxyz on Twitter to find out when a new chess game is about to start. You can even start one yourself :)

    Its so awesome to see sites like this that not only entertain, but also connect users across the vast world of the internet. The Generation XYZ community truly is growing day by day, and were excited to see how it will evolve by the next time we have our #WebsiteWednesday.

    If you have any leads on other .xyz websites you recommend (even your own), drop us a line through Twitter @xyz or Facebook. Until next time, #GenXYZ!

  • .xyz Websites in the Wild 6 Aug 2014 | 11:23 pm .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ

    Our last post was about .xyz going global and being available through all corners of the world. But are any of you wondering who are all these .xyz users and what are they doing with their spiffy new domain names?!

    Day to day, were blown away by the number of innovative .xyz websites that are popping up everywhere. Fresh new sites are being developed everyday – everything from personal blogs, informational sites, official band websites, to even a multiplayer chess game.

    Right when we think weve seen them all, you guys surprise us with exciting new sites. Clearly, #GenXYZ, you are hitting it out of the park with creative ideas.

    We have something special in the works for you, but in the mean time, let us proudly highlight two amazing new websites weve found.

    First up…

    Stiletto Me Up
    by Egreis Gjergjani
    (she even picked up for fans to find her more easily)


    Widely known as the Shoe Queen, a fashionista, and multitasking entrepreneur, follow Egreis on her glammed up blog as she enters a new phase of her life: being a mom to her newborn, Gio.

    My life has shifted from heels and purses to diapers and baby bottles, and I couldnt feel any more complete.

    Ill be blogging about mommy, baby, fashion, beauty and my overall lifestyle. I hope you enjoy it and I hope we learn from one another.

    Be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram (over 270k followers!) for peeks into what shes cooking up, wearing, work-out tips, and more – shes got you covered.

    And then there’s…

    Ishibe Dance
    by Ryuta Ishibe


    Ryuta Ishibe is a 24 year-old, dedicating his .xyz page to one mission: to dribble a soccer ball around the entire world, hoping to make as many people smile along his journey.

    Sound impossible? He already completed this feat lengthwise down the country of Japan – and it took him a full year and 2 months.

    Hell embark on his epic journey in March of 2015, kicking-off on .xyzs home turf of sunny Los Angeles. Keep tabs on him as he trains for his mission and recruits faithful travel buddies through his website and Facebook page (even if you dont read Japanese, you can’t deny his infectious energy).

    There are barrel-loads more of .xyz websites we want to share with you, #GenXYZ, but well save them for future posts.

    Cant wait? Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more awesome (and more frequent) .xyz updates!

  • .xyz is Global 11 Jul 2014 | 12:37 am .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ

    ,   , , ,  ,  ,  ,   and hello, #GenXYZ!

    Were a little over a month old and weve truly gone global – twice over.

    First, were excited to announce that we fully support IDNs! What does that even mean? IDN is short for International Domain Names. You can now get your perfect .xyz domain names in additional languages and scripts, opening the doors to connect with users in every corner of the world. Thats “soccer” in Japanese. Pretty cool huh?

    And theres more. Register .xyz domains in any of these 10 languages and scripts:

    • Arabic
    • Greek
    • Hebrew
    • Latin
    • Lao
    • Russian
    • Thai
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Chinese (coming soon)

    .xyz has gone global in another big way. If you check out the homepages of major domain name retailers (also known as registrars) like GoDaddy, youll find us prominently featured all over the place. on GoDaddy (US)

    Its like a .xyz scavenger hunt. Can you spot us on these websites? Were highlighted all over the world through these registrars, in locations like the US, UK, Japan, China, Russia, Africa, and even Luxembourg. on (China) on (Russia) on 123-reg (UK) on (Japan)

    EuroDNS on EuroDNS (Luxembourg)

    Keep looking out for us, #GenXYZ – we promise to work hard and have .xyz domain names available to you all over the world. If you see us out there in the wild, give us a shoutout @xyz on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

  • Wasteland 2 concreta su lanzamiento el 19 de septiembre

    El título original se lanzó en el año 1988.

  • Xbox 360 contará con disco duro de 500GB

    Se pondrá próximamente a la venta por 110 dólares.

  • Alone in the Dark y Haunted House contarán con versiones "re-imaginadas" para PC este otoño

    Serán mostradas en la PAX Prime de finales de agosto.

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