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  • ¿Es consciente 343 Industries de su posición en Xbox One? 25 Nov 2014 | 2:43 pm

    Los errores siguen en Halo: The Master Chief Collection. ¿Hasta cuándo? Es una buena pregunta, ya que ni los propios desarrolladores aciertan a aproximar una.

  • El gran enemigo del videojuego: el videojuego 25 Nov 2014 | 2:31 pm

    Los videojuegos no son muy buenos a la hora de reflejar hechos más allá de sus mecánicas principales. Este diseño como conjunto de sistemas es una barrera que debe superarse y nos limita.

  • ¿Aceptamos Pokémon como saga anualizada? 25 Nov 2014 | 2:30 pm

    Pokémon está cerca de cumplir 20 añitos (ha cumplido 15 en Europa) y suma seis generaciones, pero entre todas lleva casi una treintena de juegos, sólo de la saga principal. ¿No hay signos de fatiga?

  • Find your favorite tunes with .xyz 19 Nov 2014 | 4:25 pm .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ » .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ

    Happy Wednesday, #GenXYZ! Hows the week been treating you?

    With the holiday season right around the corner, weve been working hard for you, #GenXYZ, to keep growing .xyz as the go-to ending for domains all through 2014 and beyond. A lot has happened since our last post. Did you catch our #Movember Mo progress? Or CEO and Founder Daniel Negaris latest blog post about small businesses?

    Dont forget to sign up for the .xyz newsletter to get the freshest news straight to your inbox.

    And I think you know whats coming up next: #WebsiteWednesday! Weve covered a cornucopia of websites (thats the Thanksgiving spirit speaking through us), and we arent showing any signs of slowing down. As the domain for every website, everywhere, we are always excited to see such a diverse range of websites going live!

    This week, the spotlight is on music. .xyz domains are, of course, perfect for artist portfolios, but theyre also a great way to show off some tunes to your listeners.


    House Of Lords is a Toronto-based music and design blog, bringing you carefully curated tracks and playlists. Are you a fan of house, hip-hop, or bass music? You wont be disappointed with their selection, and what is more exciting than finding your new favorite song?! Check out their sleek site and follow their SoundCloud account for a midweek pick-me-up.


    From the other side of the world is Unmapped. Unmapped is an innovative music collective based in Paris, and performs widely across France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and the U.S. Made up of eleven members, theyre the laboratory for the next generation of music. Focusing on technology and human interactivity, you surely will be listening to the music of the future when you check out!

    Did you discover any new favorite songs through these awesome .xyz websites, #GenXYZ? Share your favorites with us through Twitter and Facebook, and as always, let us know if you have any #WebsiteWednesday websites youd like us to feature. Also, be sure to look forward to new .xyz videos coming out later this week!

  • The next generation of 3D design 12 Nov 2014 | 4:34 pm .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ » .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ

    If you could get your hands on a 3D printer, what would YOU make, #GenXYZ? With all the rage with 3D printing these days, some of us might overlook the important step before printing: designing. For this weeks #WebsiteWednesday, we had the opportunity to interview the CEO and self-proclaimed 80s Movies Geek of, Evi Meyer.

    UMake is an exciting startup based in Palo Alto, CA, launching the newest intuitive 3D design software – all through their awesome .xyz domain name. When deciding on a business name, they wanted something to reflect the flexibility and innovative quality of their product. And thats exactly what they found with

    For their online presence, Evi shared with us that .xyz fit like a glove for [their] UMake brand. It has a double meaning: 1) XYZ can be anything this X, that Y, and Z 2) XYZ are 3D space axes. This is exactly what we want our brand to reflect: You can make anything in 3D.


    Now lets dive-in with a few questions:

    XYZ: What makes your product stand out from other 3D design software such as SketchUp or AutoCAD?

    UMake: All of these tools are great and have influenced the design software space for many years. The difference between UMake and these software offerings is that:

    1. UMake is a super simple and intuitive app, as opposed to having a steep learning curve
    2. Anyone can use it, not only professionals
    3. It’s on mobile, where the touchscreen is key!

    Mobile is where everyone is right now. We want to leverage the mobile platform and strengthen its position as the new standard for software experiences that cater to hobbyists and professionals.

    X: You just launched your beta program. How are things going so far?

    U: It’s very exciting for us to release something that we have put a ton of effort into. We’re starting to get initial data on how people are using our app and we’re getting tons of great ideas and suggestions from people that tell us how UMake can change the way people look at 3D design – that’s amazing and an interesting experience for us.


    X: Your team has an extremely impressive background and are all alums of Autodesk (for those who might not know, Autodesk is the industry leader in 3D design software). How has branching off and the experience of being a startup been?

    U: All we can say is “Wow!” This is the most amazing experience we’ve all had in years. I think the freedom to do something you’re so passionate about, and build something, makes it an awesome experience. The uncertainty can sometimes be less pleasant, but that’s also what’s amazing about it – the process can surprise you and brings you to new heights.


    Well, there you have it, #GenXYZ. UMake is changing the face of 3D design and the team is working hard so YOU can seamlessly bring your ideas to life. UMake is looking to add more talented people like you who want to test-drive new design experiences and help improve UMake. This is a great opportunity for designers to try something new. Sign up for the beta program on now!

    Fun fact: they also registered, just in case some of us might type it in that way. will automatically redirect you to their proper site, What a great strategy!

    Are there any other .xyz websites that youd like Team XYZ to have a fireside chat with? Let us know through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and tag #GenXYZ.

  • Together, Everyone Achieves More 5 Nov 2014 | 5:15 pm .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ » .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ

    As you can tell, were all about teamwork here at .xyz. Our CEO Daniel Negari revealed some of the team’s background in a recent blog post, aptly titled: The team that is changing the internet. Just like any other venture or project, collaboration gives you huge strides towards innovation and success. For todays #WebsiteWednesday, thats exactly the theme were going with: collaboration.

    Were introducing two sites that are taking a new approach on the familiar subjects of business and dance. Taking collaboration and the advantages of the internet hand-in-hand, these sites are paving the way and building their own genres of websites. And they’re in both very different industries. Their commonality? Their .xyz domain, of course!

    We love talking about our favorite .xyz websites, but were going to hand the reins over to the creators this time. How they describe their sites is a must-read! Be sure to check out their sites for the full deets.


    is a collection of vetted experts, in unique areas that offer information and services to make managing your business and interacting with your clients more impactful. We also offer a little candy that will help make your clients even stickier.

    IRIS is not about the people behind it, its about all of the experts on the site sharing their knowledge and giving you something new and different to absorb and think about. Pardon us if were a little disruptive along the wayafter all, we do want your attention.



    xyz nyc is a new approach to modern dance-making in New York City. Bringing the choreographic process to a reality-TV-inspired format, we invite modern dance-makers to meet for the first time and create an entirely new performance-ready piece in a single week.

    The dance audience community needs new life, too. How do we open up our community in a welcoming way? How do we address the common feeling that modern, avant-garde dance is confusing, boring, and impossible to get (unless one has a degree in dance) without compromising the integrity of the work? xyz nyc encompasses dances in a format familiar to almost everyone- a television game show.

    What do you think of this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, #GenXYZ? Drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and let us know what you’re thinking!

    ICYMI, .xyz had two pumpkin carving contests last week. One was held at XYZ HQ, and the other was the #DynaXYZCarveOff: a virtual contest against our friends at Dynadot. Which one was your favorite pumpkin? Let us know your vote in our .xyz Pumpkin Carving photo album!

    Until next time!

  • El padre de God of War anticipa el anuncio de su nuevo juego en la PlayStation Experience

    Respondería al nombre de Haunted y podría tratarse de una aventura de terror.

  • El próximo parche de Assassin’s Creed Unity corregirá más de 300 errores

    Se mejorará la estabilidad del juego y varios problemas detectados en muchas de sus misiones.

  • Kadokawa Games tiene en desarrollo dos nuevos RPGs para sistemas PlayStation

    Project Code: Daten y Project Code: Tsukiyomi son sus nombres provisionales.

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